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A Little History

So what can we tell you...

A Little History

You may not be aware of Haven International Ministries so please let me introduce myself and my husband to you. We are David and Fiona Ingham, Pastors of a small house fellowship in Bangor and head up a ministry which brings Ministries into Ireland as well as going out to the nations.
We are facilitators and supporters of what God is doing and simply want to encourage the fire to spread, bringing to the table what we have and open to receive what God has imparted to others – for us and others.

We love and believe in God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.

David was a member of the Jesus Family Community in Manchester which is where we met over 30 years ago; Fiona became involved with the Jesus Family as a teenager and not long afterwards started arranging Christian Concerts and fundraising events for charities. From 1983 when we married we ministered together in worship having both been involved in music ministry individually previously.

We have hosted a wide variety of ministries in every home we’ve had and other venues, fulfilling our role as encouragers of the ‘body’ and evangelists to those God places within our reach. God has reached deep into us and placed His message in our spirits – on our hearts. This message continues to grow within us; it challenges us and requires us to change as we as us to call for change everywhere we go – within the UK, Europe, Asia and America. At home, we have always had an Open Door policy; all are welcome at The Haven.

There are a number of churches who know us and have enjoyed the *various Ministries from around the world who have come via us; all of which have been born out of relationship. These churches, along with links to their respective websites can be found at the bottom of this page.