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David’s Bio

A snapshot of David.

David’s Bio

David is a man after the heart of God. He has learnt how to give himself to God in worship and is gifted in bringing those around him to the throne room as he leads them in the spirit, with a deep compassion. He has a deep understanding of the ‘Father heart of God’ and brings life giving messages borne out of ‘heart conversations’ with God; all of which bring hope that change is not just coming but life changes are there to stay.

David gives himself to God in worship without compromise, inadvertently challenging some. His only concern is that he considers His Papa God and that He considers him; David will not bow to fulfil the traditions of men. He has been involved in worship for many years and has been leading for over 15 years. Having had most of his adult life connected with the music business with artists and in the production of guitars for them and the wider public, his work continues to bring him to Europe, USA and Asia on a regular basis. He has benefited from a good educational background. Most recent his management expertise was complemented by the Chartered Management Institute Post Graduate Diploma.

David desires to lead many into freedom to be those God created them to be, but honouring the Holy Spirit. Like a tree that bears good fruit – there are many who would vouch that the fruit of David’s life and ministry is good – however –David fully admits that as we are guided by the Holy Spirit’s desires, ‘No one will be able to predict and it will cause some people to feel comfortable. He believes that God is bringing together a people who will come together and some have a song, some will bring a hymn, or a word and they will feel they can bring their part; they can bring their uniqueness to the table. That is what he believes; that is what he lives.