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Fiona’s Bio

A glimpse inside...

Fiona’s Bio

Fiona Ingham is a lady with a heart and vision to see the Body of Christ moving forward in harmony, hearing the voice of the Spirit and accomplishing the now purposes of God. She is a passionate worshipper who moves powerfully in the prophetic nationally and internationally; a gifted and experienced teacher who recognises the value and necessity of embracing the spirit every day, and who believes that God has chosen to use His people to demonstrate His glory on the earth.

Fiona is committed and eager, for her part, to see a freedom of expression, the liberation of creativity released in the body and for the body; even for personal pleasure – but most of all for the Honour of the King! How amazing!
She is a fun-loving lady who believes that the Holy Spirit shares her sense of humour and celebrates that fact! Fiona loves it that ‘Papa is always speaking. ‘When He speaks it’s always creative’, and she says ‘we need to develop all our senses to hear Him and then train ourselves to simply “obey”.

Having experienced deep healing in her spirit and the benefits of a nurtured spirit Fiona feels strongly that this liberty is one the body needs not just to bring in, but to walk in these next days. She sees herself as a very ordinary woman, who was ‘loved back to life’ by an extraordinary God.

Fiona lives with her husband, David, co founder of Haven Int Ministries and their 3 sons in Northern Ireland.